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Published on 11 Oct 2011
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
printing culture revolution
oinvention of printing
obooks and their audience
§does not open up a whole new world right away but rather the
creaters wanted them to look like manuscripts
§opens up new possibilities
§a lot of work that comes out is religious work
whose got the money, whose got the need
gutenburh puts up his printing press in Mainz where there
was an archbishop which allowed them to be used for the
mass books, prayer books- things the monks would need
and buy
gutenburg goes bankrupt
§students come into the picture and need the books and could
pay for the books and were able to buy them
§in the beginning not that many printing presses but culturally it
is extremely dense within italy but in the next decade it
explodes and is across europe
range of books begin to expand to range from educational
to romances
§incunabula: in 50 years there are books made than ever before
(2-10 million); most are religious books
§Aldus Manutius(1450-1515)
path breaker
gets a humanist training
decides to become a printer (which was a 180 degree turn
which we don't know why)
scholar printer- goes in for the vocation or admission:
wants the classics in the world
heads to venice: lot of capital; trade
one partner is a printer; one gives the money and he
reads the books over
different sorts of types
invents italic print (takes up a smaller amount of space)
therefore makes more words fits on a page making the
books smaller and books cheaper
does away with footnotes; gives the core
the paper back (size only); books usually quite large but
he comes up with the size that is similar to ours (OCTAVO)
competition with people reprinting the books when they
wished (no copy write)
has to make beautiful books
§early english books were done everywhere and only put
together in england
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