Architecture and Politics

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13 Dec 2010
Early Modern Europe Tues Oct 19
Architecture (classical models, proportion, human scale, balace,
Roman ruins - Forum, Baths, Arch of Constantine
these were the buildings people lived in, daily reminder of Roman
history in their cities.
Form of the Arch of Constantine becomes one of the major
changes to form in the Renaissance, used repeatedly for churchs
Rimini - Cathedral (model of Roman arch)
Pienza - Cathedral; only church began and finished in the
period (model of Roman arch), believed light was the way to
symbolize the inspiration of God, and therefore demanded a great deal of
light within as opposed to earlier dark Gothic cathedrals.
Venice - S. Giorgio Maggiore (classical portico and pediment), note that
the real classical influence in only on the entryway.
Florence - Pazzi Chapel (F. Brunelleshchi - proportion, scale, and
balance) focus on the human form, everything to a human scale, not as vast
in size. Importance of everything in proportion. Also notice the Dome,
which leads to the next structure.
Florence Cathedral (Brunelleschi - dome) they wanted a Dome because
the Romans had domes, but when building began no one knew how to build
domes. They began anyways, assuming it would be figured out - because the
Pantheon in Rome from ancient times had a Dome, therefore it must be
possible. This led to competitions to figure out how it could be done. We still
don't know exactly what Brunelleschi did before, but he just showed up after
disappearing for awhile and suddenly knew how to build the dome. Book by
Ross King on the this. Important to note he was trained as a goldsmith, with
no background in architecture.
Rome - Pantheon (portico, proportion, rural retreat) See above.
Rome - St. Peter's Dome (Michelangelo) follows to a degree
Brunelleschi's dome.
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