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Stages of Medici Control

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Nicholas Terpstra

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Early Modern Europe Tues. Oct 26th 2010
Lecture: Durger's Touch - Tactility + The Physical Process of Painting vic 215 @ 5,
Stages of Medici Control - Republic & Duchy
Lorenzo Medici
Left off at Pazzi conspiracy last week, attempt on Lorenzo's life, whose brother died
during the attempt.
Conspiracy comes from within the ruling faction.
Lorenzo's bold gamble when they survive the conspiracy, realizing he must get the
king of Naples on his side, goes down to Naples (the king being the one behind the plot to
kill him).
Seen by people afterwards as an act of Virtue
He needs to use Medici money, art of flattery, to try and win over King of Naples,
who understands he is in a position of power and plays around with Lorenzo for a deal of
time before agreeing to be on his side.
He returns, and decides to begin ruling much more overtly like a prince - more
suspicion, placing the family more to the center of the economic and social life in
He is in the middle of doing away with the Republic itself when he dies.
His son takes over, turns out to be even more aggravating than Lorenzo, and seems to
believe Florence belongs to him.
Issue arises in 1494, when Naples is fought over by the Spanish and the French.
French decide to send their army down to take over Naples, which will also affect the
surrounding city-states.
Lorenzo's son decides to 'bribe' the French by handing over a number of Italian
fortress'. When he returns to Florence people are enraged and throw the Medici out.
While this should have been the end of the Medici family, they come back not once,
but twice.
Just before he dies, Lorenzo had negotiated to have his son Giovanni made a cardinal
(highest officials within the Church, under the Pope).
Pope are elected from the Cardinals, by the Cardinals.
Many families wanted to make sure some of their sons got into the college of
Cardinals (who could only be nominated by the Pope).
Giovanni - Cardinal
intense competition for position of Cardinals, at the beginning of the 15th cent, only
24, end of the century a few more, but the point is the number is finite.
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