social structures continued

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14 Dec 2010
Social structures in early modern Europe continued
11:08 AM
Towers in Europe
Bologna city had two towers that were their symbols
They had Campanilismo - tower pride they include bell, church towers
Back then towers like the Assinelli tower for protection/defence packed
with supplies and also to show a statement of who they were, so during
war you would pack the tower with people and wait till the battle was over
So when the city wanted to cut down a families power they destroyed their
Same thing goes for Sienna that has many cathedral and square tower city vs.
Also goes for Hantwerpen that had many towers with the cathedral tower at the
center looking over the city and building
Tower says a lot about what we are and the landscape and image and the cities
What are some of the dynamics? Like city shrines and festivals for the saints,
games, food etc. ?
Citizens and cities were much more homogenous they would have random city
squares etc unlike now that is much more spread out/ we have more zoning on
income and areas
for ex Bononia commercial places are throughout the city with rich and poor
mixed together in the center of the city, ( there was a procession way back when
to get rid of the poor to a work factory to deal with the overcrowding)
Architecturally the rich built 2 or 3 story elaborate places on the inside in
the core while on the outside of the first walls there are smaller one story
In the core city square you had the church, main banks, justice building
and the notaries
So cities like Bononia built their cities into quarters and all came together
into a neutral space in the city
Rituals of cohesion, solidarity and separation in towns
Another ex. place where we see this is in Venice and is made up of 60 individual
islands and it is divided into 6ths and to go another island you have to go by
bridge (which has a tower) and the island is seen independent and if one does not
like their neighbour they had bridge fights with the teens to see which side is
tougher, then by the 15th c they had one local battle with one at the bottom of
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