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Key concepts and terms
Factionalism(court factions)
Lecture ouline
Classic model of Absolutism
Is about a strong authortatiran/strong monarch I.e. louis the 14th they take power away from other nobles
The church keeps people in line
The glorification of the monarch is the key to figure this all out
Government of France
Its usually louis the 14th who get blamed for setting up absolutism
There are a lot of young kings who inherit the throne in france I.e. louis the 14th
He was very young when he took control
At the age of 13 he declares himelf an adult
Government is very regional
i.e if you want anything done if you want a favour you have to g2 the big whig of your country
Parlements=a body of magristrates
intend ants=made sure taxes were getting taken care of, debts were being payed
Mazarin*he had the problem…war was expensive he had to raise $
He created a lot of posts…he sold titles to raise $…they became nobles of the rouge
Early in 1648 Mazarin is forced to force another tax to raise $
People arent happy to fork over $ for a losing war
He had a very effective governing style..he used to bribe people and did that to get people to agree with him
which worked many times
Fronde(1648-53) caused him to dislike paris
He created his own soverign structure to bring down the nobles who caused the Fronde
During this time there is a significant demographic dip
Mazarin dies in 1661 and this is when Louis the 14th takes his full power
The banking strucure is not that good in absolutist regimes
There main source of $ is taxation which tends to bleed the economy
Lous XIV
Can never overcome the economy
Colbert=controller general
He realizes the key to important economy
Louis starts persecuting French protestants
1681 dragonnades=housing soldiers to live in the homes of French Protestants
Louis the 14th dosent like jews, black ppl, and some catholics
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