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Lecture outline
News, culture, gossip, and politics
Enlightenment socialbilty
News, culture, gossip politics
Printing press
Books and censorhip
Roads and communication
News-newspapers, manuscripts, letters
Gossip, rumour
Rober t Darnton-noivellistes
John Wilkes
Jurgen Habermas-The structural transformation of the public sphere
Public sphere
What was news, what was media, how did we get infor mation in this last age
The commuication revolution
The library revolution
We do have revolutions dur ing this time per iod
Gottenberg her created the pr inting press and printed t he first book which was the bible
Most of these books are censord and have to do with religion
What makes t he printing press even more powerful are the people who read it…mostly the r ich curches,
priests, nobles, novelt y
It is very expensive to even have a book
There is a greater public demand for printed materials
The lest politically stable areas are the ones who are the most illerate such as Russia
The idea of schooling to help a regime was being pushed to promote literacy
Amsterdam t here was a significant propor tion of people who were able to sign there name signally lit eracy
The higher up you are the more chance you have to be exposed to schooling
Greater progress was made in this per iod to teach people to read rather than write
Oral culutre speaking to one another telling stories does not get erased by print
1789 we are on a br ink of having a literate population
By 1750 Europe has developed a pr inting trade
Censorship policies are breaking down
Illegial printing presses are f lour ishing all over Europe
If you are writing stuff that would be considered illegal in your town like a copyr ight law people sent it to
other towns and then transferd back to their town
In france and in the holy roman empire you have peopl e being sought out to write cert ain mater i als
You get punished for cr iticisng the government in press
What is so significant for thi s period is the newspaper
They told t he battles, what was going on in the court, fashio
More than 1200 came about i n the 1780’s alone
One of the reasons that newspapers became so popular was because of the creation of roads that allowed the
spread of information
Letters are deliverd 5x a day in the 18
century so letter writing f lourised dur ing this time peri od
John Wilkes=he was a trouble maker, he liked stiring up the bate, he published a newpaper called north
brit an in which he cr itised the government
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