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15 Dec 2010
There are 3 estates
estate is the press
estate is the clergy exempt from t axes
estate is nobility there is a breakdown between the older/younger nobility there too are exempt from
So the people with the most $ and land paid no taxes
estate they payed the most taxes had the fewest land=everyone else
Bourgeoises by $
(look up)
Losing $ because of all the taxes thye have to pay to the kind, church and nobles
Loius the 15
Was a weak man
He had once mistress who was good at running the cour t affairs
He was not a very able administrator and he had problems with $
France did have the most $ producing colony Saint Domingue(Haiti)
The propsal that Cologne brought forth was t he land tax
Nobles are very upset with t he crown due to the financial crisis
They t hought that it was mar r y antonette/her husband that caused the financial crisis
Cologne who was the finance minister started pr inting out his ideas and passing them around
There were no set rules for convoking t he states general
All estates meet by t hemselves and t hey each had a vote (always was a 2 to 1) to they were always against
the third estate
The 1
estate dont want to meet with t he third estate and they meet by themselves at Vaisaille
Louis decides that every es ate will get one vote third esate realizes that it will amount to nothing
The third estaste=everyone
The assembly meets on may 5
1789 not all together
estate was on the side of louis
Louis the 16
was scared of the t hird estate
He is scared that the third esate is speaking up
They decide to call themselves the nation(third estate)
They invite the 1
estast to the assembly
They g2 to the kids tennis cour t to protest=third estate
The republik=no monarch all off icials are elected u cant get leadership based on your blood
The great fear=rumors that peasents are gonna tur n on the troops
Royal Aut horit y
4 August 1789 feudalism is abolished
-Declaration of the rights of man and citizen
-Men are born free and equal
-Equality before t he law
The woman of Paris fetch the king and his family from Vaisalle and bring t hem back to Pari s
Government functions are continuing under this t hreat
Wealth and land are still in the hand of the peopl e who had it before 1789
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