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Population in millions
How to feed yourself=problem
Food supply was always a problem
Between 1620-1720 the worlds population rose from 460 million to 600 million
Europe rose from 95 million to 105 million
Europe pop doubles in 16century
Why does population double?=people were simply having more sex
For the 1
half of the 17century t here is a high birth/de ath rate…due to the 30years war
Germany/spain sufferd significant population delcines
1650-1700=a period of slow growth
From 1750 bi rth rate goes down and the life span of European was 10years longer than there parents
Black death=lot of people die
There was a great plauge in castille
By 1650 casitlle lost a quarter of its population
People begin to migrate to places were they can eat/live and tend to g2 Madrid
The problem for castille wasn’t just the plauge, there agriculture sufferd
Spain was in a long term decline in gernaeral
All sorts of things were going wrong for the Spanish
Only England/dutch republic dont face a severe decline
Germany goes from 10million to 15million(natural growth)
Between 50-70% of germanys population began to disapear as people began to migrate
Scotland sufferd 4 years of bad harvest and lose a signifi cant part of t heir population
Towns usually suffer the most from disease
Poland is going to take the place of germany in terms of being the hardest hit from European affairs
Family life
People died and they died oftern
In rural france 85percent of the peasents got mar ried
Fertility usually ceased between 30-35
But statistically there are about 5birt hs per peaseant
Half of those bor n are going to die between the age of 20
In eastern Europe the mor tality rates are even more dier
Failed mar r iages=illegitimate kids
1/3 of all br ides are pregrant
Illegitimate birt hs are when the guy r uns some places they hunt down the father
War t akes out men
Empire=going off to places unknown and then dying there
One of the other problems of getting mar ried is the dowery
The church does provided dowries for impoverished girls
Nunnieres are seen as places for women to exercise leadership/power
Birt h control starts being used
The price of food/availability of food had an effect on population
There are a series of volcano err uptions
Weather effected harvest
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