European dynasties and dynamics

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20 Jan 2011
Lecture 2 HIS244H1 January 13, 2011
Dynasties and Dynamics
x Aftermath of the 30 years war
x Divisions - dynastic and religious
x Louis XIV and international conflict
x France vs. Spain and Prance vs. Netherlands
x 2 dominant polarizing figures: Louis XIV and William of Orange
x Great Powers: Britain, France, Austria, Russia, and Prussia
x Spain was a major power at 1600 but started to decline and wasn't a dominating figure in
x Sweden rises then falls so does Netherlands
x Most of the modern European states didn't exist so think in terms of dynasties
x Nation-states didn't exist at first were a 19th century invention
x Theoretically united through Christendom but wasn't
England (Anglican)
North (Germany)
South (Germany)
Scotland (highlanders)
x Peace of Westphalia is thought of as the end of religious separation
x Dynasties
o Hapsburg - Spanish and Austrian
o Bourbons - French and Spanish
x Charles V was the ruler of the Hapsburg and he split his lands because he realized he
couldn't watch over all of it
x End of the 30 years war
x One of the first congresses - Congress of Vienna
x Treaty of Osenbrook symbolicly ended the religious fighting
x Peace of Westphalia brought about the 'balance of power'
o Still referred to up to 1690s
o Germany lost most of its land and population
o Introduced the reason of state - no one can use religion as a reason for fighting
x France won Alsace (which continued to switch hands fifty million times even through the
2nd world war)
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