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The Dutch Republic

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Nicholas Terpstra

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HIS244 The Dutch RepublicTuesday February 8th 2011
Term Test:
55 minute long
3 short answer questions, choice
Includes lecture, tutorial, readings
Specific examples,
Lecture Outline
Economics / Banking
Political Turmoil
Golden Age
Mid-century Crisis?
France Fronde
Russia Moscow Riots
Poland riots
Spain revolts in Portugal, Catalonia, and Naples
Denmark riots
Sweden social and economic instability
Dutch Republic 1650 coup
England, Scotland, Ireland
Seventeenth century powers
Decline of Spain
Rise of Sweden

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HIS244 The Dutch RepublicTuesday February 8th 2011
Rise of Netherlands
Rise of France
Rise of England
Emergence of Austria-Russia
Decline of Sweden
Decline of Netherlands
Rise of Prussia
The Dutch had fought for 80 years for their independence
England and the Dutch Republic were different than the rest of the European
Dutch Government
Loose federation of provinces
Intense regionalism
The States-General
The House of Orange had a unique place in Dutch society because of their leadership
during their revolt against Spain during the 80 Years War
Royalty is changing in parts of Europe during this time, and in some places royalty
would even disappear
The idea of a military leader was still there, however
The head of the Orange family wielded patronage power
He had an aristocratic political party and was very popular with the Calvinist clergy,
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