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HIS244H1 Lecture Notes - Mary Wollstonecraft, Jab, Maximilien Robespierre

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Tutorial #5: French Revolution Wednesday, June 20th/2012
Cahiers: Politically moderate document
o Not completely radical
o Freedom should be given to all people
o Discriminatory towards other religions
Abbe Sieyes:
o Nobles aren’t living under a common law because they have their own
o Nobles aren’t producing anything economically – leeches, parasites
taking from France, but not contributing anything
o Sovereignty in the hands of the working class because they administer
everything anyways
o Third Estate middle and working class
o The third class wants to be something not necessarily everything
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
o Building on ideas from the enlightenment
o Legal rights are nice, but it’s not bread – economic situation was very
o Edmond Burke: these ideas are new, and people haven’t seen them occur
in a concrete way yet it’s hard to put these words into actions
o None of this did anything to actually level social distinctions
The Rights of Woman:
o Part of what she says: if these rights are to be achieved, women will have
to do it
o In France a women’s position in society is validated in terms of her
connection to a male, father, husband etc; - direct jab at the fact that
women are not afforded these rights and only given rights due to her
connection to a man (contract or family relation)
Mary Wollstonecraft:
o Lack of equality
o Men are the wealth, women are the charm
o Women have a very limited set of tools given to them in order to extract
what they need in life
o Falling into a trap about what the men think
o Women being educated: childhood education, women as companions
o Virtue of family relations men and women this is one way to make
them more virtuous
o Education of children important for the nation, good wives and mothers
produce better citizens
o Women can get jobs from education and this can lead to them
supporting themselves
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