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June 1 Golden Age Buddhist

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Scott Relyea

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June 1, 2011 HIS 280
Qin Shihuang
First son as a successor
oZhao Gao, Chao Kao
Advisory post
Puppet master
Passing mandate of heaven
Fall of Qin
Liu Bang Liu Paang
Punishments, could pay fines
Tax rate is lower
County structure preserved
Hint of feudal zhou, 9 provinces to brothers
Chang An
Influence of Daoism
oMore prominent of the Han
Rise of Wu of Han
More open to debate
Opinions, dont always follow
More free, contrast to burning books
Dong Zhongshu
Favor of him

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Philosophical from top to bottom
Concept of ying and yang
oFive elements
oWater, wood, metal, earth, fire
Differences before the Han
Gained the ear of emperor
Emperor maintain harmony
oMusic superior man
oTool to uplift the people
Lowest level of society
Related to Confucianism
More arrival center of universal love
Adapted principles some aspects
Legalist with Daoism
Aspects of 5 elements
Cycle of history
Accept cycle rise and fall dynasties
All level of society
Tenants of rules of Confucius
oMerged in legalism
Affected centralization of empire
Influenced all dynasties
Confucian rose, others recended

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Han Confucianism
Cosmic retribution
If king didnt do well, disasters will follow
Three realms
oHeaven, man and earth
Acts of nature earthquakes
Book of silk
oFirst encyclopedia of cosmos
Symbols of collapse
Cycle to emerge sima quan
Service of the state, singular narration
Mythical past
Linear 5k years of history
Yao, Shun heroes
Heaven has seasons, earth, man has government
Conduct harmony 3 realms
Several activities
Regulating time
Related ceremonies of the state
Manage agricultural production
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