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Philosophy, Daosim, Buddhism, Confuciousism

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Scott Relyea

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May 26, HIS 280
King wu of Zhou
3 centuries many colonies under the Zhou king
The principle of rules of Confucius
Chinese etymology
Bamboo strips
Characters not only for Chinese empires
Unified force greater distance of rules
Language crucial for culture and society of the Chinese
Most Chinese word
Peace, harmony
Classical meanings
Fairness balance and warmth
Concept of the political area
King wen of Zhou, Chou wen Wang
Power of zhou for diplomacy
Constantly shift, from the aristocrats
Teeth without lips will shiver
Sima Quian
Help save Zhao defending Qi and Chu, just as lips protect the teeth. When the lips
are lost, the teeth will become cold. If today zhao is lost, then tomorrow calamities
will befall Qi and Chu

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Zhao will be a buffer zone
Warfare shifted, infantry
Introduction of crossbow
Not only in technology but who fought
Chaos, farmers filled up infantry instead of aristocrats
Spring Autum period
State of Liu
Slave boy debate
Buried alive with master
Challenges inhumanity of the age
Heaven, nature, spiritual world
Integration of nature
Rather than perfect themselves
Be one with the grand cosmos
oBlade of grass blowing in the wind, flow with wind
oIf it fights it, it will break
oThe long one breaks, short will not
Was accessible to commoners and all
Necessity for human to improve themselves
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