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Lecture 5

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Beijing, Shandong, Solidarity Action

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Lecture 14
- The year after 1912 republic revolution: end of imperial China
- 1918 november -> secret deals
allow Japan to move into Shangdong peninsula
many uprising in urban China against the action
- May fourth protests and Movement
protest against the treaty of Versailes
news of the secret negotiation of Japan and european side inflicted many students’
rep from 13 different institutions represented as new urban student class meet up
draw up resolutions, protest and resist settelment that would give german possession
to japan awaken masses to unfair situation
organized mass meeting of various workers
suggested student union
call for protest in unisan
3000 students were protesting in Peijing downtown
marching toward the foreign ambayss
carrying banners -> white flag in mourning of chinese state
handed out phamphlets
minister of communication house was on fire
1 student killed 34 students were arrested
many sympathy strike -> 60,000 workers striked
- Peiking university
established in 1898
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president of Peiking is Cai yuan pei
Cai yuan pei -> reached the highest imperial exam and had been in old qing hanlin
academy and also open to radical ideas and sponsored anti-qing society
- studied germany philosophy
- and founded work program in France
- encouraged diversity and freedom of intellectual pursuit
- Mr.Science and mr.democracy
Sai xian shen and De xian shen -> they were the main pillars of the new culture
individualism, many young people advocated for free love and free sexuality
chose your marriage partner without your parents’ approval
old family set up for arranged marriage were distasteful to the youth
well educated -> interested in language, arts and strongly advocated for multi-
envison their as iconoclasts ( breaking down icons)
- New culture
- Personalities: Cynicism, pragmatism, radicalism and the plain old confused
women leaves their house for self-actualization
a poem that demonstration of foreign admiration -> Guo mo ruo
- self centered and represent the psychic energy of the young activist
Chen duxiu : born in wealthy family, got first degree, study aboard in Japan, did not
join sun zong song’s
- he founded New youth [ xin qing nian] platform for new culture iconlclasts -> he was
recruited by Cai yuan pei to be a dean of a faculty
- he attack all the traditions and classical language -> he started to use punctuation
marks and simplified Chinese
- Chen’s vision for culture -> self-cultivation, self-improvement and strong moral
hu shi: studied in shagnhai based western schools
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