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Lecture 5

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Wei Zhongxian, Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen Emperor

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Paul Thompson

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End of Ming dynasty
- 1600s in the late ming
- it was a time of instability, emperor don't want to do anything just want to enjoy his life
- causes legacy problem
- Purging and bloody battles
- global cooling problem
- state could not keep up with the market
- Silver, market could not keep up
- tax collection -> Zha juzheng -> new tax whip system -> pay your taxes
- difficult to buy grind for next season and pay taxes in silver… because you have
to trade crop for silver and silver for crop made it super annoying
- hard to turn cooper coins to tax silver
- corruption can take hold -> local tax collectors : you can collect “conversion fee”
- still a problem it was seem to a solution for the Yuan paper money crisis
- Ming had more problem when it became bigger
- stagnation in the population in the early 1600s - ming reached the population they
could support
- Multiple fractions and rifts in the government -> eunuchs
- Wei Zhongxian -> rose to the top, interrogate officials, army control
- a eunuch dictator
- Danglin -> scholars form the Doglin Academy very fundamentalist and not
practical in their views
- they see the eunuch as not legitimate and Wei executed and purged them in
response from 1623- 27 was a heyday for eunuch wei
- Chongzhen emperor -> last emperor
- see himself to bring revival spirit
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