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Lecture 10

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Liao Dynasty, Quanzhen School, Xia Dynasty

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Paul Thompson

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Nov 22,2016
1. Week 10 Session 2
a. Map quiz on Thursday: North and west frontier
b. No random city
2. Song dynasty
a. Song was a state among multiple states
b. Liao dynasty, Xia dynasty, Jin dynasty [ Jurchen]
c. They did not become Chinese -> they adopted Chinese traditions and
d. What are they comparing the song to?
3. A song-period renaissance Man: SU shi
a. Dongpo [ eastern hill] nickname
i. Well educated
ii. Artistic, painter, calligrapher [writing beautiful character, put
the aurthor’s body movement into the art piece]
iii. Scholarly well educated
iv. Song was important of Chinese art
v. Expression: emphasizes self-expression
vi. Yin shadow privileges -> top officials and shade their children
vii. Su’s father was an official and helped him to have a higher
degree[ didn’t have to take the exam]
viii. Benevolent -> distribute pork to local [ pork named after him -
> Dong Pu Ru]
b. He was neo-confucisim [ emphasizes human feelings]
i. Grieve for his wife [ poem about his wife’s passing]
4. Song civil examination
a. Competition of writing the exams
b. Officials complained that young coming scholars were just
memorizing essay
c. Some cant get to the top level so they became professional cultural
i. Became counter figures to the exam elite
5. Religion:
a. Meditation, how to live better
b. Quanzhen Daoism [ all truth
i. Emergence of Daoism
ii. Combine cultural background into Daoist worship
iii. Idea of how children should behave
iv. Buddhism meditation and Confucius of children and Daoist
c. Zhaokuang yin
i. Serious about Daoism
ii. The most expensive profject was a doaist temple
d. Chan Buddhism
i. Monks who focuses on meditation
ii. Complex satrua
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