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Lecture 5

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Johann Adam Schall Von Bell, Shunzhi Emperor, Society Of Jesus

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Paul Thompson

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- An important gate : pass of mountain and ocean Shang Han Guan
- the guy that sat there is the Wu san guy -> he was a ming general
- he was on this post of 1644 when the last empero hung himself
- he sent out messengers to see whats happening
- he turns around and deal with the Manchuria and started to ask Dorwgal -> he
decided to ask Qing to suppress the the rebels in China
- Doreen -> said let me through the gate you were the loyal officials and Wu sang sui
opened the gate to let them go and every quickly hunt down the Rebels
- the Queue -> Machu’s symbol
- shave the head
- harsh attempt -> you have 10 days to shave your head into that
- very hard to accept for Chinese -> provoke the resistance of Northern Chinse
especially local elites and officials
- led to dissent that wouldn't be put down for 5-6 years
- one high officials of Ming court -> yangzhou the big trading town -> decided to defend
the city to his death
- Initial qing policies
- they could not unbind women’s feet
- the emperor and his jesuit grandpa
- Shunzhi Emperor -> a young 6 year old who became the emperor
- the first manchu ruler be enthroned in Beijing in 1631
- Johann Adam Schall von Bell: became very close with Qing court and emperor calle
him his grandpa
- he showed off his learning and use mathematic and astronomical skills and Qing
court was very interested the math and astronomy
- also downfall
- jealous of Chinese court
- dont want a German dude to have control in the trout
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