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Lecture 23

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Hua Guofeng, Deng Xiaoping, 1976 Tangshan Earthquake

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- Reform and reaction : new political players
review: ling biao died in airplane accident and landed in Mongolia [ ling biao was bad
all a long and very left and red, and he was just Confucians and he was bad talked
by the public]
- Ping-pong diplomacy -> visit of Nixon
PRC got seat from League from Taiwan’s seat
Qingming incident
- 1976 big events
- January 8th, 1976 Zhou Enlai died: unlike Peng dehua or liu xiaoqi [ who was
purged] Zhou is charismatic and worldly leader, his death was a traumatic
- many turn by mid 1970s since 1950s, US was the evil of capital world came visit
- Zhou and Mao relationship: on his death, there were no official public memorial
still there were public grief, and was only constructed by the Chinese people not
the government
it is not prescribed by Mao
there was backlash -> demanding poetry and flower display for Zhou
- it is clear that mao was clear Zhou’s popularity and thats why they weren’t
close enough
Deng xiaoping [ 1904-1997]
- One of the group that was sent aboard to study at France and Soviet Union
- high position in both party and state from 1950-60s and he was allied with Liu
- Rival of Mao’s power -> sent down to country side
- 1974-> brought back to be preimer after Zhou’s death
- He denounced as capitalist devoter
September 9th, 1976 Mao’s death
- lots of public mourning
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- People were crying because there is empty position for leadership
who is going to take charge?
1970s after Mao’s death that was a constant back anf forth: should china be
torchbearers for socalism around the world, or take technology reforms with the
capitalist world
Hua guofeng: immediate successor after Mao
- wearing red army uniform
- Hua was self-reliance socialist torchbearers, it is more important about reds than
- his rival: the petroleum group : deng xiaoping, experts in specialized area
Tangshan earthquake
- July, 1974: Tang shang da di zheng
- youth were forced to work in country side and was sent to there
- big traumatic events: huge earthquake, very close to capital
- 7.8 magnitude earthquake 240,000 people appx.
- Mandate of Heaven: big natural disasters
- sent red cross but declined from government
- it is like imperial time of the end of a dynasty
- restoration of school : school were shut down in culture reovlution
in 1970s, school were back in session, but people didn’t study much.. memorize
red books
- 1976
very unstable period of time in 1976s
Gang of Four: Jiang qing,
Jiang qing: third wife of Mao, he kept out of politics at first
Under Hua guofeng: after Mao’s death October, 1976, he ordered to arrest Jiang and
top associates
Blame for excess and atrocities, beating for people
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