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Lecture 24

HIS280Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Hu Yaobang, Fang Lizhi, Deng Xiaoping

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Paul Thompson

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after Mao’s death
- Unrest and protest
- Deng xiaoping coming back to power
- complex government, provinces and special nationalities legend
- corruption become a “new” part in China
- one child policy
new conservatism, sterilization, sex-selective abortion
sex skewed
protests: unrest protests in 1980s
- disillusionment and confusion sensation around 1980s
- there was massive changes [ revolution and confusion about everything]
- in 80s, after mao’s death who told you what to believe, but now 80s, there was big
change, american merchants coming -> people were upset about what they
experience in 60s [ sending to countryside, penalized for crimes]
you were intellectuals and but was forced to clean the washroom or the street i
culture revolution
- rightist hat remove from people’s document now and they were
author of The Ugly Chinaman
- in 1984 in taiwan , critiques of “Chinese ethos” not granting people’s right, culture
and intellectuals critique
- 80s was the era of investigate of journalism
- critque state’s action
Fang Lizhi: vice presidence of science and tehcnology in An hui
he spoke out in late 80s to unethnical practice of chinese ledaer
in december 1986 -> numbers of protest by students broke out in He bei were Fang’s
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defying rules gainst public gatherings and character protest
over 30,000 students and 40,000 dwellers in shanghai -> protest against government
and wanted meng zhu “democracy”
Fang was demoted
Hu yaobang: demoted for blame as tolerating the protests
deng did not want to be a hard leader that purge them all
Deng wanted to promote younger people : Li peng, advance degrees, familiar with
technocrat industry
casting negative votes in the CCP meeting
- anti-spiritual pollution campaign
people became consumerist
people wearing individualist appeals, perming hair, jeans, colourful clothing
anti-spiritual pollution: the older generation blame west for bringing in for corruption
of youth’s thoughts
- June 4, 1989
it is outgrowth of the trends in 80s and it is a key moment of people that changed their
Tian an ming square massacre
- direct connection btween what happened and the month leading up to it and the
protest of the 70s “ democracy wall”, ealry 20th century -> June 4, 1919
- in april 1989, Hu yao bang who was a premier and blamed for the protests: he died
and some of these students at elite university decide to stage public mourning
and ask for party central to rehabilitate Hu -> he would be restore to federal
in April 17 -> thousands of students protesting and started to talk about “Democracy
,better university conditions” better employment opprotunities
- by April 18, full sitting mode in Tiananming square
great hall and this is right next to Zhon nan hai [ where top leaders live]
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