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Forcing a Bureaucratic Empire

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Scott Relyea

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October 7 – Forging a bureaucratic empire
An army of 8,000 Tarakota warr iors were found under the tomb in battle formation
The starchart of the heavens was said to be made inside the ceiling of tomb
Although his tomb is not the only one, it is definitely one of the most magnificent
Was created 35 years before the unifica tion
It was a marvel of technology at the time, the simplicity of this design is what makes it so unique
Was originally made for two purposes:
-To prevent flooding of the rivers
-Also done to dramatically increase the amount of grain product i on to feed the army
To accomplish bot h tasks, an arti ficial island made of rocks was created in the centre of the river to
further divide/gui de the flow of water
-There sti ll exists subsidiary streams of water which lead into this one
During floods, the flying dike” woul d prevent the fields of crop from damage by catching all the extra
amounts of water which would eventually be led back to the mainstream
The constructi on of this great dam did not incur many deaths which remains a benign fact (the Grand
Canal and Great Wall took many lives dur ing their construction)
Lord Jun attacked the Confucius philosophy and chall enged how the state should rule its people (legalist
He believed that humans are innately selfish; they are to serve the state, not the other way around
Rule under his time consisted of very strict policies
Land reforms and the privatization of land struck the first blow to this feudal society
Nobilities would be stripped of their land and thi s would in tur n be rewarded to military officials for their
There were awards rewarded to farmers who exceeded their annual quotas; those who did not meet their
quotas got their land stripped away and given to those who were seen as more productive farmers
Among the advant ages of the Qin army were their archers (their advances in technology dramatically
increased distance and accuracy - crossbow)
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