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The Golden Age

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Scott Relyea

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October 21 – The Golden Age
Test #1
All the material (lectures, readings) is fair game
Know the chronological order of major events
Know the differences between the philosophical schools
Tang Dynasty
During the height of the Tong dynasty, the Chinese were trading with over 70 polities
Du Fu was a famous poet during the Tang dynasty
Emperor Taizong was the second emperor of the Tang dynasty
The endurance of the Tang dynasty can still be remarked today (Chinatown”)
People who engaged in trade with the Chinese referred to them as Tong Ren”
Even after the fall of the Tang dynasty, the Chinese still referred to themselves as Tong Ren, perhaps
dating back to a time when they enjoyed political stability
By the later waves, there were equal layers of ethnic, lingual, and political differences
Even in the republican period, there is a continued push by the central government for the minimization of
Cantonese use (casting Cantonese as uncivilized”) North/South debate?
Language differences did not reside on ethnic differences (though the same characters were used)
At the core of the Tang prosperity laid the Silk Road
There were deep linkages that stretched across the continent (trade)
Both the Sui and Tang dynasty maintained the “equal field system
-Land was distributed to families depending on the number in the household
-Taxes were uniform and low
-This system allowed them to expand their territories further to the south of modern Vietnam
To ensure stability along the route, marriage alliances were attempted
But it wasnt only the Silk Road that provided great wealth
Tea leaves have been collected in the regions of Yunnan and were given to emperors as tributes
There is another historic tea road north of Yunnan; slightly different route and problem to traverse
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