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27 Mar 2012

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HIS280 The High Qing Period, 1683 - 1796 February 9th
- The Kangxi emperor and Eurasian state-building
- Qing imperialism and the destruction of the Dzungar Mongols
- Territorial expansion in the 18th century: Yunnan, Taiwan, Tibet
- Qing expansion and comparative imperialisms
- Women’s agency and the family system in late imperial China
The Three Emperors of the “Shengshi”
- Kangxi emperor, r. 1661-1722
- Yongzheng, r. 1723-1735
- Qianlong, r. 1736-1796
- It is during this time that China assumes the shape it looks like today, and the population
Kangxi and Eurasian State-building
- When the Qing took over from the Ming, they basically adopted the systems of taxation that
had been in place in the Ming
- Adopted the lijia system
- By 1712, things are so stable and the dynasty so prosperous that the Kangxi declares that never
again will there ever be an increase in taxation
- This will hobble the dynasty in its later years when it really could have used more taxes
- In 1685, Louis XIV sends five Jesuits to China, and one of them becomes a kind of ambassador
between Louis XIV and the Chinese emperor
- Jesuits engage in a great project of mapping the Qing empire and they eventually produce the
Kangxi Atlas, the first map of all of China conducted according to relatively modern cartography
- Kangxi is so impressed with this atlas that he commissions copies of this to be sent to various
European rulers as a gift and also to obtain recognition as a great ruler
The Conquest of Central Asia
- Under the banner system, large groups of Mongols had been organized as a part of the Qing
military, but by no means all Mongols had submitted to the Qing
- The western Mongols remained a problem well into the Qing dynasty
- Basically the whole western region of modern China was not under effective Qing control, but
the Qing dynasty was very concerned about events going on in this area for their own security
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