The 'New' Immigrants

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12 Dec 2010
Lecture 12: the ‘New Immigration
October 26, 2010
Immigrants to jobs
in canadas industrializing cities
on the resource frontier
We have a large number of immigrants that came to work in the industries
the manufacturing sector was becoming imp. in cities
building the infrastructre of the city, street car lines, sewers etc.
this all required labourers, thousands of unskilled labourers
Women became domestic servants, men were there for labour
this is the time where frontier industries developed like never
period where the mining sector opened up in Quebec, Ontario, B.C
in huge quantities and exported them to the other rapidly growing
forestry jobs were created
a period of very extensive railway construction
2 new trans-continental railways were built in the early 20th century
which gave competition to the CPR
The New’ immigration is connected to the mass immigration of
unskilled labour of foreign speaking imm. mainly men
this was a U.S label
Whats new is the industrial orientation the foreign speaking
imm. pop.
there was considerable anxiety in America about how these imm.
might transform America
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the Americans put restricitions on them ex. schooling, literacy
1880s - 1920s
this continued up to the great depression in the 1930s in Canada
(1900-1930) lasted longer because Canada did not put up so many
restrictions like the Americans
International labour networks that began in peasant communities
in eastern, and central Europe that extended to the Americas, esp.
south America.
Women without schooling or couldnt speak English had to take up
jobs in factories
the border between Canada and U.s was not terribly important as
these immigrants criss-crossed the American-Canada border as
they searched for work
Canadian politicians were worried about a back-lash from the
Canadian born with the amount if immigrants that were allowed
into Canada
Trade unionist were organized they put restraints on industrial
labour the importation of labour keep foreigners out of the job
Nativists worried that the good racial stock would be undermined
by the foreign imm.
However, politicians had to listen to the demand for unskilled
workers from the employers in steel, mining, forestry etc,
othey needed a large supply of cheap labour in order to protect
Balancing competing interests
prioritizing the recruitment of agriculturalist and domestic
open to recruit farmers and domestic servants
behind closed doors, they encouraged the imm. of industrial
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