Radicalism and Repression

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12 Dec 2010

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Lecture 13: Radicalism and Repression Nov. 16/2010
Dangerous foreigners immigrants who were radicals
They became radicals because of their work experience
they felt they were being exploited
They were shown very little respect, this bred resentment amongst
these people
They became isolated from the main stream and kind of found one
another since they were deemed unwanted
We are taking a look at leftwing immigrants
Radicalism spread in Canada from socialist activist that were exposed to
them in Europe
once they got here they reached out to their own kind they worked
within their own ethnic communities
Many of the imm. were peasants so the had not been exposed to
radical thoughts
They felt it was important tot build an international movement
Ukranians, Jews, Finns a component in each of these groups was unusually
active on the left
Finnish Imm. most came from Rural areas
After Russian Revolution, Finland wasnt owned by Russia, so they
had to decide what side they were on
HALLSOCIALISM radical socialist ideas from an ethinc group *
look up more on this
Ukranian Labour-Farmer Temple Assoc. + Jewish Labour League =
ex. of Halsocialsim
Radical socialist plays were held in these halls, as well as dances and athletic
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