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Ethnic Minorities in the Great Depression and during World War II

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Ian Radforth

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Lecture 14: Ethnic Minorities in the Depression and during the Second World
Nov. 16/2010
Hard Times: the great depression 1929-39
low levels of immigration in the 1930s since Canada was hit very hard during
the depression
severe unemployment
environmental disasters in the prairies that made farming
troublesome and grain prices fell
people who were thinking about moving and economic opportunities
were not thinking about Canada
During the WWII
- low immigration
- Much of Europe was occupied by the German army they were not
free to leave
- Travel was dangerous across the Atlantic because of U-Boat attacks
transport was hard to arrange here
Canadian government made policies that made it even more
difficult for imm. to come here, - 1931, govt place a restriction that
imm. had to have a certain capital to come here so they would
invest here
Even farmers were told not to comeunless they had a lot of money
Most of the immigrants were women and children who were connecting
with their loved one who were already here
Migration out - #s went up b/c of deportations mid 30s the number
deported nearly matched the numbers coming in
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