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Liberalization and Canadian immigration policy

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Ian Radforth

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Lecture 17: the liberalization of Canadian Immigration Policies 1960โ€™s and
Two issues:
1.)Matching Immigration and labour needs
๎€sponsorship: too many unskilled workers, too few skilled
๎€1960โ€™s over-supply of unskilled workers
๎€under-supply of skilled workes โ€“ people with experience in the skilled
oREASONING โ€“ sponsorship practices of Canadians
๎€Landed imm. and Canadian citizens could sponser โ€œnew
comersโ€ โ€“ sponsors had to take care of them if they
couldnโ€™t find a job
๎€Immediate imm.igrants - Immediately started sponsoring
their relatives โ€“ huge rush of imm. coming from
๎€1958,59 โ€“ short recession โ€“ growing unemployment โ€“
particularly of newly arrived unskilled workers.
๎€Attempt at restricting sponsorship, MARCH 1959
โ€ข- limits how many imm. someone could sponsor โ€“
lots of hostility โ€“ APRIL 1959 โ€“ Diefenbaker govโ€™t
retracted the new restriction โ€“ Diefenbaker became
highly unpopular in imm. circles โ€“ Conservatives
had a difficlt time for decades of getting support
from imm.
2.)Racial bias in immigration policy
a.external pressures โ€“ outsider trading partners โ€“ Africa, Asia etc.
โ€œif you want to trade with us, you have to get rid of the racial
bias in your immigration policyโ€
b.Pressure in Ottawa โ€“ British empire taking in imm. from former
commonwealth โ€“ India, Pakistan etc. โ€“ Great Britian wanted
Canada as a Commmonwealth partner to take on some of the
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