Liberalization and Canadian immigration policy

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12 Dec 2010
Lecture 17: the liberalization of Canadian Immigration Policies 1960s and
Two issues:
1.)Matching Immigration and labour needs
sponsorship: too many unskilled workers, too few skilled
1960s over-supply of unskilled workers
under-supply of skilled workes people with experience in the skilled
oREASONING sponsorship practices of Canadians
Landed imm. and Canadian citizens could sponser new
comers sponsors had to take care of them if they
couldnt find a job
Immediate imm.igrants - Immediately started sponsoring
their relatives huge rush of imm. coming from
1958,59 short recession growing unemployment
particularly of newly arrived unskilled workers.
Attempt at restricting sponsorship, MARCH 1959
- limits how many imm. someone could sponsor
lots of hostility APRIL 1959 Diefenbaker govt
retracted the new restriction Diefenbaker became
highly unpopular in imm. circles Conservatives
had a difficlt time for decades of getting support
from imm.
2.)Racial bias in immigration policy
a.external pressures outsider trading partners Africa, Asia etc.
if you want to trade with us, you have to get rid of the racial
bias in your immigration policy
b.Pressure in Ottawa British empire taking in imm. from former
commonwealth India, Pakistan etc. Great Britian wanted
Canada as a Commmonwealth partner to take on some of the
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