Lecture 9

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13 Dec 2010
Lecture 9: The Anti-Orientalism and a White Canada Policy
The anti-Oriental movement
Working Mens Protective Association (1878)
Anti Chinese association (1879)
Asiatic Exclusion League (1900s)
-Pressuring the BC government
-employment restrictions
-immigration restrictions
-politicians and public officials were afraid to say anything against the anti-
oriental movement
-Chinese were willing to work for half the wage of white men, white people
worried about the Chinese taking all the jobs
-people believed them as a threat to white women because most Chinese
immigrants were male
-believed they should be denied citizen rights, and even the Chinese children
born in Canada, they were vulnerable to deportation (being sent back to Asia)
-Chinese immigrants could have no political power, people lobbeyed to adopt
whites only practices
-Organizations tried to call for an end to immigration and to enfore
The BC government
-had control over mining
-and in 1903 the government said no Chinese could be hired to work in BC
-you cannot be Chinese and have a right to cut trees
Ottawa didnt permit the Chinese the vote in elections
The head tax, raced based tax only for the Chinese, tried to reduce
immigration and would discourage immigration
A White Canada Policy
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