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Tutorial #3: Settling the Canadian West

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Ian Radforth

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Tutorial #3: Settling Canadian West: The Exotic Continentals
-Early 20th century brought mass immigration to Canada and contributed to the
racial-ethnic diversification of Canadian society. Some 2.5 million newcomers had arrived
by 1914.
-Most immigrants who went west were English-speaking, but also large numbers of
Scandinavians, and eastern Europeans also came (which included Ukrainians, Hungarians,
poles, and ethno-religious sects like the doukhobors and Mennonites from Russia and
Austro-Hungarian empires)
-This made prairies ethnically diverse.
-Displacement of aboriginals as a result.
-General failure in settling the prairies, as European immigrants from Europe
preferred the American west, as did many Canadians... better climates, weather-resistant
strains of wheat, and advanced farming techniques.
-Mass exodus of Canadian-born citizens!
-Design that Canada was a ‘white nation.
-south and east Europeans not as desirable as white Canadians and Britons, but still
-ethnic tolerance went hand in hand with national self-interest.
-foreign face of prairies engendered a racist backlash from English and French-speaking
A Roumanian Pioneer (by Anna Woywitka)
-Veronia came to Canada with her parents in 1898 when she was four.
-left because village in native land could no longer offer sustenance to him and his
growing family.
-Four other families joined him.
-Upon arriving, lots of woods.
-Lived in primitive shelters called burdey, a dugout.
-Veronias mother didnt like it and wanted to live in a log house, built before men
returned in fall.
-Women made the cottage house!
-No money spent, Veronias mother built the house.
-Men returned in fall with enough money to replenish food supplies and buy barest
-Veronia took care of her siblings and kept the fire going in fall and winter.
-Food ran short shortly before spring.
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