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Lecture 7

Lecture 7: Colonizing the West Coast

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Ian Radforth

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Lecture 7: Colonizing the West Coast
-towards a colonial society
-exploration and the fur trade
-the Hudsons Bay Company and colonial beginnings on Vancouver Island
-Gov. James Douglas
-abs population decline: from 200 000 to 27 000, 1730-1880
-Nanaimo, coal mining
-Scottish, local, and Kanaka labour
-Gold Rush
-1858, Fraser River, Fort Hope, Yales, Lytton: 30 000 instantaneously
-Victoria transformed
-early 1860s, Cariboo country, Barkerville
-Oct. 13
-Britain trying to plant colonists on the Pacific coasts, to add to UKs colonial holdings
-but had difficulties in the mid-1800s
-cause first off took 3-6 months to get there from Britain
-no Panama Canal to get through the Americas, had to travel around N.
and S. America
-so relatively few newcomers
-the indigenous pop. was significant, many diverse cultures
-their presence was very obvious to the Euro newcomers
-British colony on the West coast was very fragile
-cause too few ppl
-large pop. of abs.
-very few women
-so no natural increase of pop.
-also time when we see the ppl from Asia arriving to Canada
-colonizing the West coast, 1849-1871, very brief, from founding British Columbia to BC entering
the Canadian federation
-about 100 000-200 000 abs. ppl living near colony settlement, a lot compared to the eastern
-but by 1880s, only 27 000, much to do with the spread of diseases from the Euros
-Euro exploration first from in 1728-1729, by the Russians from the Bering Strait, then the
Spanish in 1774 around the Americas
-Capt. James Cook the first Brit to see Pacific Canada
-fur trade opened in the 18th c. and the first half of the 19th c. with the abs., esp. for sea otter pelts
-by 1840 boundary with US est. by the 49th parallel
-1670, Hudsons Bay Company est., over Ruperts Land, and expanded across Canada
-by 1849, est. ownership over Vancouver, a 10 yr deal
-worried about fur trade, future
-would develop Vancouver’s natl resources, and est. a white settler, agri society
-first gov. of the HBC and Vancouver was Sir James Douglas
-under HBC in 1850s, tried to est. coal mining in Nanaimo
-tried to get Scottish families to do so
-also relied on local abs. labour, esp. above ground as transport
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