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Lecture 16

Lecture 16: The "New Canadians"

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Ian Radforth

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Lecture 16: The "New Canadians"
-"New Canadians" and "Reception Work"
-the Cold War agenda
-entering a different Canada
-expanding welfare state
-est. ethnic communities
-a critical mass of newcomers
-"new Canadians," way of referring to the immigrants coming in the 1950s
-didn't speak English/French, used to refer to them as "foreigners"
-still a way of differentiating from the "real" Canadians, but still more welcoming, but
-pluralism, a very new attitude towards diff. cultures (though still Euro)
-as a way to enrich Canada
-"reception work," a concerted effort by the Canadian gov't to work at receiving the immigrants
-to help them get est., with diff. services
-how to fit in to Canada
-key reason for it's importance is cause of the Cold War
-ppl believed the stakes were higher, with the world divided into two camps
-newcomers must fit in politically, integrate
-not bring Communism here
-not tempted by Commie/leftist movements
-be proud of parliamentary traditions
-stay a part of the West, the "free world"
-a different Canada, then the one immigrants entered in the past
-more prosperous
-esp. more prosperous then the home countries
-immigrants struck by the suburban houses, cars, the abundance in the grocery
-would be used to rations, like the Brits
-an expanding welfare state
-unemployment insurance, had been introduced in 1940
-system of family allowances
-mothers sent cheques to assist for care of kids
-by 1957, hospital insurance covered
-but still had to pay for family docs
-whole social service system expanded
-newcomers heavily dependent
-like the seasonal workers in forestry, for IE
-est. ethnic communities
-didn't have to struggle on their own
-Italians, Poles, Jews had their support systems
-with familiar foods and sounds
-tension betw. the older immigrants, some from the turn of the c., and the post-
war immigrants
-like the Ukrainians, very heavily left-wing/Commies, while the new
Ukrainians were often hardened against Commies
-critical mass of newcomers
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