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Lecture 18

Lecture 18: Growing Diversity

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Ian Radforth

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Lecture 18: Growing Diversity
-beyond the points system
-liberalization and diversity, as the white Canada policy undone
-economic class, skilled workers
-family class, the sponsorship of family members
-South Asians
-limits of liberalization
-restrictive federal policies for domestics
-exploitation of female domestics
-Caribbean domestics
-Filipino service workers
-brought about a gradual decline of immigrants from Britain (1990s is the 10th), and W. Euro, and
the US
-and a rise in Asian nations
-vast majority settle in urban areas, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
-new Chinese middle class
-by 1967, immigration from mainland Canada outpaced from immigrants from Hong
-by 1991, 70% Chinese immigration from Hong Kong
-business immigrants
-by 1990, 50% of business immigrants from Hong Kong
-from science, engineering, mathematics
-vs. the prewar unskilled immigrants
-1988, had led to easier immigration for business ppl
-8% of immigrants
-huge impact on the Canadian economy
-a favourite for Hong Kong immigrants, esp. to Toronto and Vancouver
-initially settled in Chinatown, but then spread out to the suburbs, esp. in pockets of
Chinese-dominated communities
-were independent, skilled and would sponsor families
-relatively high numbers of self-employment
-encountering racism
-Chinese Canadian National Council for Equality
-new attempt for unity, and to counter racism
-1979, CTV Campus Giveaway”
-documentary, Chinese seen as insular, competitive, and foreign
-upset alot of ppl, saw Chinese students as foreigners that took advantage
of Canada
-2010, Macleans Too Asian?
-article on UofT, too much studying and competitive vs. partying
-great outrage
-Arabs in Canada
-pioneer wave, 1882-1961, about 14 510
-mostly Syrians and Lebanese
-Christians (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant)
-families, with basic edu.
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