TR managing the US Empire.

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9.9.24 -- Teddy Roosevelt: World Police
How did America manage her empire?
US aquired formal empire due to the Spanish-American war, 1899, The Phillipines.
–Phillipines offered coaling station; military strongpoint; chance to civilize Philipinos.
–7,000 miles from US.
–led the revolution.
–thought himself the legit leader of the Phillipines.
–assumed, based on the Teller ammendmant which said the US wouldn’t take Cuba, that the P’s were
free as well.
The P. revolt lasted 4 years, 1899-1902. Gurilla warfare. 125,000 Americans fought, 200,000 P’s died.
Used tactics similar to that of the Spanish; scortched earth, killed civilians. Became a race war, Orientalism.
News reports came home of the American attrocities, and so new, more British India tactics were em-
ployed. Use a carrot rather than a stick.
Attempt to show that the P’s were backward.
The US saw what they were doing as a success. After all, gave them indipendence. Thought they were
blindness would lead to further travesties in Southeast Asia
Combined 19th century masculinity with intelligence and action. Rich background, well travelled. Ac-
tive in establishing a welfare state in the US. Bookish as a young man, but then began to exercise. Advocated
would succeed; Anglo-Saxons were strong, as they waged war well.
Had a subtle/pragmatic view of international relations. Had the same sense of militarism and social
responsibility that had been the mainstay of the Phillipines. WHITE MAN’s BURDEN. Believed that races
could progress, and that America could help to do this.
McKinnley was assasinated in Buffalo, TR becomes youngest president.
Very deliberate foreign policy.
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