HIS385H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Pearl River Delta, Po Leung Kuk, Traditional Chinese Medicine

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4 Feb 2016
Man Mo Temple, 1847→ place that open to all→ they represent Chinese community to negotiate
with British government.
Place of worship; Civil and Martial Gods (welcome any chinese regardless their background) those
workers will worship to Martial Gods. → Open to all Chinese in HK
Open to all, unlike ancestral temple (this temple is only open to top class people, special background
Meeting place, town hall, school.
1850-65: Taiping Rebellion in China. 太太太太太
Big amount of Refugees flowed into HK
Influx of Chinese refugees
--More Western firms HK→ compradors
--Respectable Chinese→ new leadership
New leadership→ new community organizations
Trade organization, 1860s
some of these organizations existed in China, and move to HK for more opportunities.
Trade network: HK and pearl River delta → treaty ports, SE Asia, N. America
Neighbourhood organizations, 1860s+
Merchant money
Personal protection → neighbourhood security
→ When they arrived in HK, they will hire people to protect them since they can not trust HK police.
Neighbourhood organizations appeared to protect the wealthy.--> Chinese community think it is
necessary to have their own policing force.
→ Basis of Chinese policing force. (an informal police community is created)
District Watch Force, 1866
Self-financed, self-trained
Cantonese-speaking constables
District Watch force committee
Main Chinese advisory body, 1899 (one of the important committee organizations)
Tung Wah Hospital, 1869 (first hospital in Hk)
New concept in Chinese society
Bubonic plague → deaths → corpses
Government land and funding
Provided Traditional Chinese medicine
→ increasing people from China died in HK, and the govt did not know where to send these bodies.
Community leaders advise to set up a hospital
→ it creates Chinese a reasonable system for health system
important community institution, link between CHinese community and colonial government
the leaders in this hospital occupied border directors, and they became the representatives to deal with
colonial govt.
Po Leung Kuk, 1880
Society for the Protection of Women and Children-Charity organizations
1877 survey: only of Chinese women in HK were legitimate wives/ concubines
→ they were too young to tell the HK government where they were from and how to explain everything
→ they were being protected and taken care in 1880
→The leader in this community has another role→ serving the advices to the federal government
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