HIS385H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Kang Youwei, Knitting, Tung Wah Hospital

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9 Feb 2016
Propaganda information
1900: journals newspapers
1908: Qing Press Law→ moved to HK
1900-1911: 13 published in HK
readers in HK, overseas, southern China
Stage plays for illiterate Chinese
The newspapers can published freely in Hong Kong, so they moved from Shanghai to HK.
spread the message to HKers and oversea Chinese people.
--The newspapers will be smuggled by merchants into China.
Revolution popular among HK Chinese
Experienced discrimination
In HK, disputes with foreign companies/ employees
weak state protection for overseas Chinese
fund-raising, food, medicine
Women, teachers+students, Tung Wah Hospital
Women sell their luxuries in order to support the revolution in China.
relieve materials for send back to China.
Britain claimed “neutrality
Tolerant, provided:
--No violation of HK laws
--British interests not threatened
--protection for Kang Youwei, 1898-later banished.
British government in HK did not care how Chinese government failed, created the domestic problem.
They left the revolution alone.
Impact of 1911 Revolution on Hong Kong
Influx of people- money into HK→ population, 1914: 500,000
Majority celebrated end of Qing dynasty
of every hundred Chinese in Hong Kong, ninety-nine are in sympathy with the rebel
Removing of queue to end symbolic submission
“whereas in the spring of 1911 a Chinese discarded his queue at the risk of losing his head. in the
spring of 1912 he risked his head who kept his queue” (G.R.Sayer)
Chinese men cut off their queue- concequences of the revolution.
after the revolution, if you are not cutting off your queue, its a sign means that you support the Qing
dynasty. and you may be punished.
Gradual disappointment with new republic
Continuous disorders in post-1911 China.
Dictatorship appears under the powerful government. → China was divided, anticipation of the strong
and united China during the revolution.
Japan looked China as part of their expansion plan.
In the meantime, the social and economic instability continued in China. → forced many Chinese to flee
and moved to HK
Hong Kong’s economy, 1910s-1930s
Entrepot domination continued
Source of employment and wealth
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