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HIS385H1 Lecture Notes - Free Economic Zone, Cecil Clementi, James Stewart Lockhart

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Entrepot of Trade, People, and Ideas8/13/2012 11:43:00
Entrepot = means to store
British Empire 1841
“Empire over which the sun never sets”
settlement colonies
resources and markets
trading posts Hong Kong
British Headquarters: East Asian trade regional base for others
Free port since 1841
No import/export tax
Port open to all
Entreprot trade: transshipment point
China Trade
Regional Trade
International Trade
Entrepot trade boom 1870_
Suez Canal, 1868
Telegraph: HK > Shanghai > Europe, 1871
Links trade + financial network
Benfits of British Jurisdiction
Unavailable elsewhere (shanghai)
HK Chinese traders also benefited
British legal protection
Parallel trade networks
Emergence of related Services
Shipping, Jardins Matheson, 1832
o Dent & Co , 1824
o Peninsula & Oriental P&O), 1845
o Butterfield & Sire, 1870
o HK Chinese Firms, 1870s +
Storage facilities: HK & Kowloon Wharf Co. , 1886
Entrepot of Trade, People, and Ideas8/13/2012 11:43:00
Ship repairing
Banking, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, 1865
Hong Kong and entrepot of people
HK as a product of migration
Chinese, Europeans, Indians, Eurasians
Communal, cultural diversity minimal integration
Language + cultural barriers lack of effective communication
European Community
Officials Cadet Officers
o James Stewart Lockhart. Registrar-General,
o Colonial Secretary (1895-1902)
o Cecil Clementi: Governor (1925-30)
o Reginald Johnston
o Merchants
o Professional, Sailors
Indian and Jewish Communities
Mody, Chater
Sasson, Kadoorie
Traders, opium, shipping, banking
Administrative/military services: clerks, police, soldiers
Chinese Community
1842. HK Chinese as British Subjects
Original inhabitants, merchants, smugglers, laborers
Chinese majority population
Colonial government: cheap labor, trade
Resentment and mistrust widespread
o Europeans minority
o Implicit discrimination
Registration system 1844
Light and Pass Ordinance, 1857
European District Preservation Ordinance, 1888
(residential segregation)
Entrepot of Trade, People, and Ideas8/13/2012 11:43:00