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HIS389H1-S (L0301) 12
January 2011
896: The year of Hungarians ar r ival in Europe. They stayed in Danube Basin.
The Magyar came from Central Asia, thus had a mobile culture with most basically nomads in
Central Asia. After the arr ival, they remained horse-r iding people
Todays Hungary remains a Central Asia legacy
Hungarians are non-Slav
Around 200000-500000 Hungarian ar r ived Transylvania in 896 where was dominated by Slav
originally. They outnumbered everyone immediately. They succeed in dominating the culture
and were the key power in that part of Europe until 1526. Dur ing this period, they were
disaster to German and Slav.
1526: MohacsBattle wit h the Ottoman Empire. Hungary was defeated in 1526 and saw it as
a national catastrophe.
From 1526 – 1686, Hungarian was under Turkish rule. Budapest today remains lots of Turkish
legacy. The period of Turkish rule was known as the Dark Age”
Hungarians were mostly Christians. They chose Rome over Constantinople.
Hungary was culturally tided wit h the west. They stopped nomading and started to become a
Christian state in around 1000 by King Steven.
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