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Lecture 1

HIS109Y1 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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History Lecture 1 09/16/2015
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Feudalism 09/21/2015
Why did Feudalism develop?
Beginning in the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire
Operation of government ceased
Roman state system broke down after attack from Barbarians
In Rome, they would practice a clientage (where a man had a group of people
follow him around as protection, for reputation, and for employment)
Clientage became devoted to security after the Collapse of Rome
This caused a swarm of people to want to join a clientage (they became an army
that protected the property of a powerful man)
A tribal chieften wanted to create his own group of ruthless men who would win
every battle
He created this group called his Comitatus (a group of companions)
Nothing was safe during this time period, so people looked to these groups for
These amateur groups eventually became actual legitimate groups in Western
Europe for protection
Being in this group, people felt protected, recognized, and legally represented
This became Rome’s new government
Lasted 1000 years
Everything changed when a new piece of technology was introduced where people
could fight while riding on horseback. This new invention was the Stirrup, giving the
fighter security to remain on the horse while fighting rather than falling off
Training was essential to begin fighting on horseback
This led to the development of a class of people that we call Knights
If one group could fight on horses, the other group must as well if they want to
stand a chance
These fighters must be trained as a child, meaning that these children had to live in
Honchos then gave fighters their property, and farmers became attached to the
land so that the land would stay prosperous to afford the training needed for the
This group is known as a Hereditary Nobility (people who are living to fight, and live
off other people’s hard work to provide for yourself)
Since land was technically power, the honchos were basically giving away their
power and authority to the fighters
All that mattered was the private power of the person protecting you
Law is now the ability of the individual to enfore it. Everything depends on the
excersise of power and brute force
This moment of feudalism was a moment of extreme violence and danger
What ended Feudalism?
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