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Lecture 11

HIS109Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Protestantism, Puritans

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Kenneth Bartlett

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Queen Elizabeth I was amazing and a great ruler
wise and powerful in her leadership
got the people to commit to the monarchy, speak one language nationwide and
agree, mainly, to one religion
Changes occurred that radicalized England
o disengagement from the Continent
o decline of the Nobility
this caused many to question all the social classes
The House of Commons’ or Parliament’s power and dominance began to grow
o created legislature
o debated on issues
o connected with the monarchy
The decline of the Nobility politically, socially, and militarily was the result of
many things such as:
o they were stuck in the Feudal past while everyone else was moving
o the Queen created less nobles because they would tend to defy her and
she didn't like them or that
o when the Queen did eventually die, there were very few Nobles left
The emerging Middle Class was more appealing to the Queen and everyone else
because :
o they were wealthy
o land owners
o NOT nobility
o started to gain more wealth and did not lose status
authority in these groups grew as well
many of these people got positions in the House of Commons
Voyages of discovery led to colonization and an increase of markets/goods
o England became a HUGE money market
English Empire was built of many people doing different things with this wealth
o smart because it allowed the wealth in England to be put in different
areas and in return expand their global market
o England became an EMPIRE because of this notion
o the Gentry (Merchants) were the cause of this both in urban areas and
rural areas
The idea of change and the religious aspect of change defined things in England
o the Gentry believed that religion gave way to their ideologies
Although Queen Elizabeth I was religious, the Gentry or Middle Class disagreed
with the Queen about religion
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