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The French Revolution: Part II

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Kenneth Bartlett

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The French Revolution II 22/12/2010 12:16:00
Maximilien Robespierre
Ultramontanes vs. Gallicans
Napoleon Bonaparte
The ancient regime first to feel the effects of the revolution
constitutional monarchy
noble privileges and ways of ancient regime ceased to exist
Declaration of the rights of man and citizen
foreshadowing the forthcoming
Sounded like it was written the philosophers
General will
Freedom of religion, etc
Separation of powers
Heavily influenced by Rousseau and Montesquieu and Locke
Financial crisis addressed
Novel and innovative, all the lands of the church to be confiscated

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oTo be used as security against issuing state bonds
oIf properly managed, might have worked
Always need more than money
oPrinted more assignat
inflation & face value declined, after view
years were virtually worthless
Realizing that there is a problem, tried to solve it
made it worse; began selling
the lands of the church
Social and economic problems
Wealthy people made huge fortunes, because 10% of land of France was put
on sale
Those who did not have cash, could not participate; so the rich got richer,
without any benefit for the peasant
Issue of confiscation churchs land created controversy in France
Social and intellectual and religious instability fractured the French church
1790 the propitiation of the civil constitution
Made the church a branch of the state
All the church-people was civil servants
All to be elected, bishops to be elected by all, even non-Catholics
Salaries were to be paid by the state
Monasteries were dissolved
Forbidden to apply to Pope
Assault on French traditions
Drove into opposition to national assembly and consequently the revolution
Realizing this, the national assembly made the bishops take oaths of loyalty
to the church
The pope did not like this, denounced everything the revolution has produced
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