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16 Feb 2011
Capitalism, the middle class and the poor
Samuel Smiles, Self Help 1859
Pope Pius IX, Syllabus of errors, 1864
-The role of capitalism and the role of industrialization within different groups of society
-Industrialization shapes and changes Europe
-Industrialization created new classes and large amounts of wealth
-New cities, new means of transportation as a consequence new ideas
-Europe -ism’s ideological boxes for everything
-The vast majority realized that they were better off with industry
-Industrialization at a large human cost society was not ready for change (health care, cities, etc.)
-Industries capital intensive factories had to be built, raw materials, energy, moving of finished
product continuous reinvestment, also labor intensive
-Industrial failures were common
-During the early revolution capital was the single most needed thing
-Last quarter of 19th century very rapid progress
-Agriculture also benefited, particularly from the chemical innovations
oAgricultural revolution spread around the world
oInflux of grain from Americas, Canada, etc.
-People’s lives were changed in other ways
oPasteurization of dairy products
-Manufacturing continued to expand
oThe sowing machine
Prices of sewed cloth fell
Fashion began in the 1850 for the masses
oNew mining procedures
Better ventilation
French coal production doubled, German – tripled
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