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Congress of Vienna

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Kenneth Bartlett

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January 12, 2011
Restoration and renewal - The Congress of Vienna
Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815
C. von Metternich
Louis XVIII (1814-1824)
Czar Alexander I (1825)
-Effects of the revolution throughout Europe, some believed that the revolution was a start of a new
order and others saw it as something undesirable and prone to change which is turn prone to chaos 
change of any kind to be stopped
-Career of Napoleon changed the face of Europe physical territories in Europe and ideas and
administrative features of Napoleon the code of Napoleon
oCareer from two perspectives
Danger to Europe
New system of administration
-Fall of Napoleon number of questions
oWhat to do with France?
Is it a place of radical change
Or is it the first victim to be compensated and made sure that something like that
would never happen again
-Napoleon in some ways was someone who tried to counteract the most radical events of the
revolution (aristocracy and the church were brought back)
-Napoleon was not all bad, the issue was not black and white
-Napoleonic wars influence of the revolution and the enlightenment were spread throughout Europe
now regular people discussed those ideas influence: Europe wide
-Nations which tasted freedom and new way of organization (those who experimented with
republicanism) how to take these experiences into account turning the clock back was
impossible especially in France
-Revolution changed the nature of French people
-Creating of something different and new something that all victorious nations could agree to
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