HIS109Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Leonardo Bruni, Coluccio Salutati, Petrarch

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19 Aug 2016
Ibraheem Aziz Oct 7/2015
HIS109Y L0101 Lec 08
Italian Renaissance and Humanism
Petrarch (1304-74) used words and language to depict himself and the nature of his existence
o words were important in his belief that human beings can understand the universe
around them through words
o wrote letters, treatises, about himself
o Petrarch began editing his letters edited the register of his letters and improved their
o Was able to determine who exactly he was in part due to his writing
o Wrote dialogues about himself the Secretum (Secret Book)
Discussed his emotions and inner beliefs
Psychological autobiography
Reintroduced a long-lost genre
Easier to come to terms with who he was and gave the idea of human autonomy
the idea that humans could control their own existence
o His discoery of Cicero’s letters was said to initiate the Renaissance
o Discovery of a secular system and way of life
o I a hat I a
o Erotic love versus sexual love
Canzoniere made him famous as they led to the development of the sonnet
o investigates an erotic love idea
o validates human feelings and individuality/autonomy
o Secular intention of creating your own destiny
Paris represented the medieval scholastic world, Rome represented antiquity and the world of
Cicero in 1341, he imagined he was invited and crowned Poet Laureate in Rome
o Sense of narcissism and recognition of poetry to define the individual and society
Coluccio Salutati (d. 1406) was a student of Petrarch and went to Florence to study him
o Hired others like him
o Istitutioalized Petrarch’s ideas ad alues for a practical society
Shared sense of principles and values that allowed individual to develop himself made Florence
the cradle of the Renaissance
In 1427, Leonardo Bruni (d. 1444) as a disciple of “alutati’s ad took oer fro hi as
chancellor of Florence
o Allowed people to be free and develop themselves on an individually motivated and
dignified basis a republican, Florentine ideology
o Importance of speech and writing in order to gain political office and prestige in society
Basis of humanism as the ideology of the Florentine, patrician, mercantile elite
o Shared belief and broad expressions for people
o Florence was an experimental place communal identity was used to unite people
During medieval times, abstractions were depicted more than people
o Forms of representational arts that depicted what the eyes could see
Individual representation
o Donatello made a statue of David for Cosmo de Medici statue was naked and served
as a symbol for the Republic
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