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October 8
1. What was the immediate impact ofthe Conquest on New France?
2.What was t he British plan for t he new colony of Quebec? How did that change in 1774?
3.How did t he American Revolut ion challenge those plans?
-american revolution was a civil war before the other civil war and it benefited Canada as well
-winning the war was easy but occupation was hard
-people are aware that americans are hungry for land
Articles of
the first rule was that you had to be loyal to king george
-people wouldn’t be harassed for praticising their religion
-you must take an owth of alligiance
Proclomation of 1763
-redrew the boundar ies
-catholicas are to be excluded from all political office
-the br itish had a system of local assembly but you had to have a cert ain about of land or wealth to be on the
assembly(had to be british or a man)
-there were only 50 prostants in all of quebec
-James Murray is some who was from Scotland understood t he clan system of the first nations
-he worked with the church very closely to earn their suppor t
-people were sur pr ised that the occupation was successful
Quebec Under Carlenton 1768-1778
He was t he one who realised that unless something was done to protect the seigneurs that the entire
question of land title i n quebec was up in the air
So what he does is get approval from England to pose and a ct called the quebec act=reform the governm ent
system in quebec, and will reinstate t he due or taxes that the seigneurs are able to collect
The invasion of qubec, 1775
-americans decided to invade quebec
-the ameri cans were pretty much saying that you either with us or against us
American revolution
-it was a civil war and has close reltaion wit h t he French revolution
-it was the plan that t he 13 colonies would become independent states
-20%=true patr iots fighting for t he cause 20%=loyalists on t he side of the br itish and 60%were on the fence
-1763 the loyals found themselves havi ng to leave
Treaty of Paris, 1783
-Britain refuses to return to give back captured slaves
-the war isnt over but br titian starts to face chanllenges in Europe
-governor halimand=negotiated what was goi ng to happen to t he loyalists who moved to new
france(qubece) and he delt with the shanoyee tribes
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