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September 23, 2010
Christianity, Commerce & the Development of New France
The Fur Trade and the Development of New France (Champlains Dream;
mercantilism and the Company of 100 Associates)
Samuel de Champlain (Port Royal, 1604; Acadia; Quebec, 1608): lead role in the
development of new France, closely bound up with the fur trade, soldier, mariner,
naturalist, functions as a politician, governor of new France, first voyage in 1603, dies in
1635, 1604-1635: criss-crosses two dozen times; base to control furs, southern nova scotia
(port royal), French choose not to make Acadia the base of the fur industry because it was
too distant, travels into the gulf of St. Lawrence up the St. Lawrence river to set a trading
post, French wanted to take over Quebec, aboriginals allowed the Europeans to stay
because of trade and warfare, French were more dependent of the aboriginals, indigenous
knowledge (help the French survive the harsh environment in north America)
Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu
Mercantilism (Company of One Hundred Associates)
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