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September 30, 2010
The Royal Takeover (1663) & the Clash of Empires
The Royal Takeover
Political and economic transformation of New France
Louis XIV (1661: French monarch; absolutist monarch, I am the state, believer of
J.B. Colbert (minster of the marine, colonial minister, transform new France and turn it
into a French province, new france has 3 characteristics: French imperial authority
interested in promoting settlement, trade, and missionary activity; new france was going
into different directions as a result, imposed on new france the governmental structures, at
the top would be Louis himself (the divine right to rule))
- Governmental Change
Govenor (military officer, someone of noble birth almost always born in france, supreme
authority, military and diplomatic affairs), intendant(always a male, civil
administration, finances of the colony, legal affairs), Bishop(limited authority, head of
the church): Sovereign Council (dominant authority, listens to a few people, not a
-Economic Change
Seigneurial System (dominant form of land tenure, early 17th century, Jean Talon:
intendant, changed the character of the seigneurial system; chopped up into a series of
rectangular strips (sceneries) along the banks of the st. Lawrence river); seigneurs
(exert control over the land), peasants are his tenants (habitants), as a result new
frances agricultural productivity has changed significantly, economically substainable
Clash of Empires
Anglo-French imperial rivalry
Anglo-American Expansion
Jamestown, 1607; Newfoundland, 1610- England establishes colonial presence in
Newfoundland, Henry Hudson discovers Hudson Bay, area around Hudson bay
become stronger
Radisson & Groseillers (persuade authorities in new france, sell them on a
northward voyage, French authorities uninterested because they were interested in
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