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HIS263 Sept 28
Fur trade and the development of New France
Samuel de Champlain
key figure in the finding of Quebec
1608 established Quebec
prior to that tried the establish a permanent base from which to control all things
within New France Port Royal (Nova Scotia)
Renamed the area Acadia
Because of distance from valley of the St. Lawrence (important for fur trade),
abandon Acadia and decided to make Quebec the effective capital of the French
empire in North America
known as la nouvelle France
Champlain had many different skills
Remembered as a father figure of French Canada
Champlain had a dream for what he wanted to accomplish in North America
The notion that one day New France would rival and potentially surpass France
In terms of population, wealth, as well as military and political influence
The dream has two essential and interrelated components
Economic the fur trade is recognized as the vehicle to drive this dream
Religious projecting Christian ideals as widely as possible in Northern North
It has implications on not only the Europeans in North America, but also the
Large scale conversions to the religion of Christ
The way that population expands
The French were putting down permanent roots
planting of the cross
Chaplain and company draw on that action and establish control
The Aboriginals, however, do not accept the French sovereignty on their land
why did they allow the French to do so?
Mutual reliance
Aboriginals, particularly Algonquians depended on Europeans for European
manufactured goods and the alliance with Europeans was seen as a smart move in
terms of military and their battle against the Iroquoians
The French have access to muskets
The French are dependant on the Aboriginals for the fur they collect and indigenous
1609 the French led by Champlain agree to participate in a military conflict
between the Algonquians and the Iroquoian Five Nations.
The attack takes place at a lake in what is now Quebec City
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