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HIS263 Sept 30
The Royal Takeover 1663
brings about dramatic political and economic change in New France
Clash of Empires
epic struggle between France and Britain
First stage: 1689-1713
1661 Louis XIV rises to the Throne of France
an absolutist monarch a desire to concentrate all authority in the hands of one
individual to exert absolute power
governs till 1715
He is a strong believer in mercantilism
Jean-Baptiste Colbert minister of the marine
Essentially the colonial minister
They seek to transform New France into a regular French province
Export the governmental systems and economic systems to New France
Manifests itself in the Royal Takeover of 1663 KEY EVENT IN THIS COURSE
Settlement French encouraged to immigrate to New France
Trade exploit resources in New France
Missionary causes conversion to Christianity
New France became scattered because of these simultaneous changes
The objective is to combine these under the umbrella of the French Absolutist state
the Political system of France s imposed in New France
top of this system was Louis himself
the justification was the divine right of kings political power stems from the
God rules over Earth Monarchs rule over subjects
However, Louis and Colbert are removed in the exportation of the system and are
replaced by people in the colony itself
The Governor
Usually military officer and of noble birth almost always born in France
technically the supreme authority in France
responsible for military and diplomatic affairs
Always a male figure
he is responsible for civil administration
finance and law
The Roman-Catholic bishop
Due to the Royal Takeover, his authority is limited
Louis and Colbert are concerned that the Church had enjoyed too much
The event in Huronia resulted in this
These three are called the Sovereign Council
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