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17 Jan 2011

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HIS263 Oct 19
Simcoes War and the War of 1812
The Making of Upper Canada
Constitutional Act
Simcoes Dream
The War of 1812
The American revolutionary war
one understands the conflict as Americas first civil war
resulted in the exodus of the loyalists
The continuation of that struggle
The revolutionary war ends in 1783 (fighting ends in 1781)
it was unclear weather the new American republic or the British Empire would be
the dominant power
The war of 1812 is the conclusion of this conflict
A new British colony: Upper Canada is formed
70 000 loyalists left the American Republic
some dispersed while 50 000 travelled to colonies that remained under British
most travelled to Nova Scotia
this lead to the creation of a new colony in 1784
a smaller but significant number of loyalists travelled to Quebec
they found themselves uncomfortable
they were living among an Alien people
The French Canadian (French speaking and roman catholic the opposite of the
Elective Legislative Council was established in Quebec
The British want to address their concerns so they establish the constitutional act
in 1791
two characteristics: chops Quebec into two and creates two new colonies
lower Canada (east) and Upper Canada (west)
The dividing live is the Ottawa river
They do this in response to the arrival of the loyalists
The area is economically under developed and has a small population
They were opposed to the presence of democratic legislative councils that were
absent in Quebec
they create a new constitutional structure
an elective legislative assembly (a House of Commons) both in upper and lower
not entirely democratic
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