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25 Jan 2011

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The Age of Reform
Ida Whipple
1910, 17 year old in St. John, NB
won a prize from the St. John board of trade for essay Busy East
essay on civic improvement
called for a better public library, better playground, better policing, better chemistry
equipment, prohibition of alcohol, more experts running the government
represented the broader trends of the period
the essay is very typical of the age in a great age of reform
1880s-1920s, Canadians and north Americans were very taken up with reform
there were a number of groups addressing issues that they thought were emerging
in industrial Canada
the typical reformer championed several causes
These reformers existed in an international network of ideas
The typical reformer was white, middle-class and protestant
The practical solutions to the problems were typically described in very broad terms
Many saw reform as a grand project to regenerate society and the human soul
They described their problems with a mixed language that adapted older categories
to a new set of problems
The age of solving problems
Reform is not a coherent movement but rather a general impulse
Three of many issues
Settlement Houses
Tried to deal with the problem of immigrant life particularly in the city
An imported idea that originated in the United States and Britain
Imported and spread to most major cities in Canada
Most famous is the All People Mission in Winnipeg
Head of this organization for a long time was J.S. Woodsworth
Largest in North America is Hull house in Chicago
These places had four basic functions
Immigrant aid
Basic charitable services
Social Work
Visited immigrant homes and offered advise
Recreational services
Provided camps and gyms
Missionary Work
Typically church run organizations
Trying to teach Christianity along with aid
Tried to convert people to Christianity motivated by the social gospel
Christians ought to think about doing Gods work on Earth
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