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World War One: The Home Front
The Governments War
Early in the war, the government moved into controlling unprecedented areas of
Canadian life
Parliament passed the War Measures Act
Unprecedented power to control the economy and allows government to take
unprecedented measures during war time
The government controlled the activities of “enemy aliens
People from the countries belonging to the other sides
Oct 1914, “enemy aliens were required to register with police and had to make
monthly reports
Government censored the foreign language press
After 1917, these acts became more severe
1918, government made it illegal to possess any publication in the language of an
enemy alien without a licence
1917, the first income tax is introduced as a war measure
Also created positions for food and fuel controllers
Censorship and propaganda was haphazard
Governments effort were behind the efforts of the public in terms of the war effort
War and Community
Propaganda emerged from the community as well as the government
Churches mobilized in favour of the war
Schools interwove the war with their curriculum
Women also worked to mobilize the community for war efforts through
organizations such as the Red Cross
There were also more unsavoury forms of community mobilization
Anti-German life was pervasive
Considerable harassment of enemy aliens on-the-ground
Often became organized (Anti-German league)
Places started changing their names, if they had Germanic origins
Germans before the war were seen as the most desirable immigrants from Northern
Social Reform
War intensifies efforts at reform and opens new possibilities for issues that had
existed before
Prohibition and womens vote became very important again
Before 1914, prohibition had very little effect on the government
Canada Temperance Act of 1878 allowed the community to make the decision
Rural areas implemented it, but it was almost always defeated in the rural areas
During the war, the movement began to play on war themes
It undercut many of the many of the wet arguments pro alcohol
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